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Disruption is coming

I just finished reading Free by Chris Anderson.  He takes you through a historical journey showing how the concept of free (as in product, service, etc.) originated and evolved.  Isn't it amazing how many things that cost quite a bit to create, are now free.  Give away the phone when a plan is purchased, give away the razor when the disposable blades are purchased, give away the software (Googles business plan) and hope people click on ads (works for Google), the list is long.  Think about the evolution of technology...  how power/speed, storage, and bandwidth has increased with a doubling affect every 18-24 months over many years and the cost is similarly halfed and now approaching free (think netbook with a plan).  Google, Microsoft, Amazon etc. have enormous data centres with "unlimited" storage - it's relatively free to give away.  Everyone seems to give away free storage these days - this is a disruptive force. Yahoo only a few years ago provided 10mb for an