The Network Effect

I have always been a highly social person, an extravert I suppose.  Those personality ass

essments always put me into that sort of category.  I’m a Yellow-Red for instance. 

I’ve made it a priority to reach out internally and externally to people like me and different from me, within the public and private sectors, to build relationships, share ideas, dream, lament, argue or debate, etc.  I knew I was pretty well connected but this recent transition period, sabbatical of sorts, has really highlighted how my network really works.

So many people reached out through LinkedIn, Twitter, and email asking to get together for coffee, lunch, and to see how I was doing.  They shared such positive and affirming comments with me which really helped with getting through this period and to help me figure out what’s next. 

I had well connected friends reaching inside the organizations they work for to see what opportunities there might be that are a good fit for me.  They introduced me to other people who may be able to help.  Everyone was so generous with their time and energy (and money, thanks for all the free coffees and lunches – my turn now!).  You know who you are – thank you so much for being in my court!

I will highlight one friend in particular who is very well connected.  He said that if I wanted to go solo as a consultant he would help me write a business plan and get started – he introduced me to LEAN Canvas.  If I was interested in a role with a particular company, he would get me an introduction to the right people.  He also said that he would reach inside his company to his leadership team to brainstorm an opportunity they might create for me.  You know who you are – thank you so much!

I now have a most exciting role with Softlanding as their Virtual CIO (vCIO) and I really must thank Mat and Shaun from Softlanding for reaching out and believing in me.  I look forward to working with you and the team on exciting initiatives.

Thank you to my LinkedIn network friends and colleagues for your kind, reassuring, and affirming comments in response to me announcing my new role.  I really appreciate you.

If you are reading this and have not yet made it a priority to build a meaningful network, I encourage you to start today.  It just may change your life’s trajectory!


  1. What a heartwarming message. Thanks Brian. I've always admired your work and know that the new gig will have fantastic benefit to both you and Softlanding. The folks there are very passionate and I love that part of their culture. Great things are coming and you're part of that, just because that's the kind of person you are. All the best.

    1. Hey Tom - thanks so much for your kind and supportive words, much appreciated. I am looking forward to the new adventure!


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