Thursday, December 23, 2010

Parents want to know about technology and education

I have never done this before - open source a presentation.  iStock_000008573353SmallI was invited by our District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) to present in January to parents on educational technology, the future, and digital responsibility.  Seems like a pretty straight-forward topic hey.

So, I am thinking of an outline something like this:

  1. Comparing / contrasting of school before technology and school today to show how things have already changed
  2. Talk about some interesting technologies that are available today but not necessarily existing in schools, yet
  3. Share some possible future scenarios of how technology could change education and create a wow effect
  4. Talk about what is happening today in our classrooms and show some interesting short clips that I’ve gathered from classroom visits this past fall of students and teachers using educational technology today
  5. Provide some context to digital responsibility and emphasize the importance for parents to know and be involved with their kids online life

I’ve seeded some questions here but please feel free to respond in any way you wish that you think would be good to include in the presentation.

If you’re a parent…

  • What would you want to see and hear?
  • What concerns would you want addressed?
  • What would you want emphasized?

If you’re a student…

  • What do you want your parents to know about technology?
  • What technologies do think should be in classrooms?
  • What help in using technology do you want from your parents?

If you’re a teacher…

  • What do you want parents to know about technology?
  • What help do you want from parents with your students use of technology?
  • What technologies do you think parents need to know about?

If you’re a principal…

  • What support do you want from parents for using technology in classrooms?
  • What do you want parents to know about technology?

If you’re a School District CIO / technology director / manager…

  • What do you want parents to know about technology?
  • What are your greatest concerns about technology in classrooms?

Thank-you in advance for your help, I really appreciate it!